Tender Coconut

Indian Coconut

Bharani is one of the topmost fresh coconut exporters in India. We supply fresh, semi-husked coconuts. Our semi-husked coconuts can be easily broken and are enriched with coconut water. The coconuts are fully mature and light brown in colour. While packing the coconuts, we make sure that the fresh coconuts remain intact.

*Health Benefits

*High protein content

*Destroys intestinal parasites

*Good for kidney and urinary bladder problems


The coconut is cultivated in various parts of southern India and available all around the year. We help these coconut suppliers to sell their coconuts in the market.

Fresh Coconut Exporter

We are one of the topmost Fresh Coconut exporters in India. We have been operating for many years and are dealing with a number of clients from various parts of the globe. Our services are unmatchable because of the excellence and the quality of our products. The coconuts provided by us are packed from farms directly. All types of coconuts are from naturally grown trees.While packing the coconuts, we make sure that our organic and fresh coconuts remain intact. The coconuts, which we supply, are widely used in various industries such as food and beverage, cosmetic and health & beauty care products.

We deal with the reputed clients from these industries and make sure that they get the high quality products without any delay and compromise on quality.Coconuts we supply do not contain any adulteration or harmful elements. We follow the standards and do not compromise the high quality of our products. The coconuts are organically grown and they give amazing aroma, taste and enriched with nutrients. These are packed properly ensuring long shelf-life.The coconuts are also used in the hotels and by the end users. Geewin is one of the wholesalers of fresh husked coconut suppliers and has expanded the venture to various parts of the India and Globe.


25 nuts per bag

Nutritional Content Per 100 Gram

Specification Dehusked Coconut
Vitamin B Thiamine- 10mg
Calcium 21mg
Phosphorus 98mg
Carbohydrates 14gm
Calories 359
Vitamin C 2mg
Iron 2.0mg
Fat 34.7gm
Protein 3.4gm

Specifications of Indian tender Coconut

Specification Tender Coconut
Name of the Product Fresh Young Tender Coconut
Maturity Young
Grade Tender
Weight 1000gms to 1200gms
Liquid Content 375 ML to 500 ML
Nut Size 9 Nuts Per Carton Box
Packing 2052 Cartons Per 40FT Container
Loadability of 20FT Container No.Of cartons:845
No Of Nuts: 7605
Loadability of 40FT Container No.Of cartons:2052
No Of Nuts:18465

Min. order quantity

1000 bags per 20ft container

Mode Of Payment Terms

advance payment / irrevocable L/C

Delivery Time

6-12 days